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Balkenkreuz German Army 1939-1945:
An Order of Battle

Editors: Leo W.G. Niehorster & Lowry Cole
A multi volume series, the most detailed study to be published in English to date. The information has been compiled from numerous sources, including contemporary German records, post war studies, etc.

Each volume entails:
An extensive introduction explaining the organisation of the formations Command and Support Staffs.

The dates and details of formation
A narrative and brief history of the campaigns
A list of Commanding Generals and Operations Officers.
Superior headquarters during its campaigns
Detailed listing of the subordinate units and their developments.
The formation's sign is depicted where known.

Appendix on German names, titles and ranks.
Index of names of those individuals mentioned in the text which has been annotated indicating those who received the Knight's Cross.
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THE GERMAN ARMY 1939 1945: An Order of Battle
In Preparation:
Vol. 1   Armed Forces High Command, Army High Command, Wehrkreise.
Vol. 2   Army Groups, Armies, Army Task Forces and Army Detachments.
Available now:
Vol. 3 Parachute, Mountain, SS Armies, also the Panzer Armies and Panzer Groups. Corps I to XXXVIII.
Vol. 4 Corps XXXX-CI, Motorised & Panzer Corps, Mountain Corps.
Vol. 5 Cavalry Corps, Reserve Corps, Corps Groups & Detachments, Corps with Names, Fortress Commands, Luftwaffe Field Crops, Luftwaffe Flak Corps (field), Parachute Corps, Waffen SS Corps &c.
Vol. 6 Infantry Division Numbers 1 - 50
Vol. 7 Infantry Division Numbers 52 - 110
Vol. 8 Infantry Division Numbers 112 - 202
Vol. 9 Infantry Division Numbers 203 - 258 - (2nd Revised Edition)
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