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United States Navy
Task Forces
7 December 1941
U.S. Pacific Fleet
Task Force 1 (Cover Force) V.Adm. Pye
    BATDIV 2  
    BATDIV 4  
    USS Saratoga  
    CRUDIV 9  
    DESFLOT 1 (less DESRON 5)  
    USS Oglala  
    MINEDIV 1  
Task Force 2 (Recon/Raiding Force) V.Adm. Halsey
    BATDIV 1  
    USS Enterprise  
    CRUDIV 3  
    CRUDIV 5  
    DESFLOT 2  
    MINEDIV 2  
Task Force 3 (Scouting Force) V.Adm. Brown
    USS Lexington  
    CRUDIV 4  
    CRUDIV 6  
    DESRON 5  
    MINERON 2  
    SERVRON 4  
    Fleet Marine Force Pacific (less Defense Battalions)  
Task Force 4 R.Adm. Bloch
Task Force 7 (Submarine Force) R.Adm. Withers
Task Force 8 (from Task Force 2)  
    USS Enterprise  
    CRUDIV 4 (less USS Pensecola)  
    DESRON 6  
Task Force 9 (Hawaiian Defense Force) R.Adm. Bellinger
    PATWING 1  
    PATWING 2  
    Marine Corps Defense Battalions  
    Naval District Units  
Task Force 12 (from Task Force 3)  
    USS Lexington  
    USS Chicago  
    USS Portland  
    USS Astoria  
    DESDIV 9  
Task Force 15 (Service Force) R.Adm. Calhoun
U.S. Asiatic Fleet
Task Force 1 (Inshore Patrol)  
    Yangtse River Patrol  
    MINERON 3  
    Naval District craft  
Task Force 2 (Service Force)  
Task Force 3 (Submarine Force)  
Task Force 4 (Patrol Force)  
    PATWING 10  
Task Force 5 (Strike Force)  
    USS Houston  
    USS Marblehead  
    USS Boise  
    DESRON 29  
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