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French Armed Forces
Orders of Battle
3 September 1939
    French Navy
May 1940
    France [1]
[1] Linked to external site
     "France 1940" by Nowfel Leulliot


Free French Forces
  Government and High Command
  Air Forces
  Naval Forces
Orders of Battle
European Theater of Operations
Norway – April – June 1940
France, May 1940
    Battle for France
France, June 1941
    Army of Vichy
Pacific Theater of Operations
French Indochina — 8 December 1941
    Army of Indochina
Mediterranean Theater of Operations
Middle East
    Vichy France [2]

North Africa — 8 November 1942
[2] Linked to external site
      "France 194... something"
     by Nowfel Leulliot
May 1940
    • Division Infanterie [2]
       (Infantry Division)
    • Division Infanterie Motorisée [2]
       (Motorized Infantry Division)
    • Division Légère de Cavalerie [2]
       (Light Cavalry Division)
    • Division Légère Mécanique [2]
       (Light Mechanized Division)
    • Division Cuirassée de Réserve [2]
       (Reserve Armored Division)
[2] Linked to external site
      "En Pointe Toujours"
     by Stephane Commans
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